Roin’esh, The

One of the most unusual extra-terrestrial species ever encountered due to their incredible shape-shifting abilities.

A typical Roin’esh in their natural form

The Roin’esh are a species that live as slaves under the rule of the Malvan Empire. They are a humanoid species with brownish-grey skin, small eyes, short, fine hair on their heads and backs, and a series of distinctive vertical furrows on their foreheads. However, their most distinctive feature is their shape-shifting ability; a genetic trait so well-developed that they can duplicate any humanoid species at the cellular level. Some Roin’esh have displayed such mastery of their shape-shifting ability that they can flawlessly mimic animals, inanimate objects, and occasionally substances such as liquids or even raw energy. Because of their shape-shifting prowess, the Roin’esh remain under the yoke of the hedonistic Malvans, who consider it a source of endless amusement.

Taroindar, the Roin’esh homeworld, is a planet characterized by extremely harsh climatological conditions, which is believed to be the reason why the Roin’esh genome evolved to permit shape-shifting. Originally organized into small nomadic tribes that traveled the face of the planet due to the scarcity of available resources, modern Roin’esh live in vast cities in which native and Malvan technology keep the adverse affects of their climate at bay.

As a species, the Roin’esh bitterly resent being subservient to the Malvans and long to win their freedom and chart their own destiny apart from the Malvan Empire. To that end, they have used their shape-shifting ability to gather intelligence on the Malvans for decades in the hopes that they will discover a weakness that they can exploit. Whether the Malvans are aware of the Roin’esh plot against them or are allowing their resistance movement to exist for their own entertainment is unknown at the time of this writing. The resistance movement has also been known to operate outside the Malvan sphere of influence and has quite recently become active on Earth.

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