Comet Rider, The

UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 907655

Comet Rider screenie
Subject apparently meditating in the airless vacuum of space

Base of Operations: Luna, The Sol System

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good

Abilities: A wide range of uncatalogued abilities. Those the subject has displayed to date are solar energy manipulation for offensive, defensive and healing purposes, astral consciousness and communion, environmental immunity and manipulation of gravitational fields

Skills: A keen understanding of the technology of several space-faring civilizations, polyglot with a mastery of a number of alien languages

Paraphernalia: N/A

Vulnerabilities: Chaos Magic, gravimetric anomalies of the scope created by singularities

Threat Level: Alpha

The human tradition of wishing on a falling star can be traced to an object of clear extra-terrestrial origin dating back 25,000 years that UNTIL’s Department of Linguistics has translated as follows:

When you see a falling star,

Speak aloud your wish,

For the Comet Rider may hear.”

UNTIL’s Department of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs has discovered nearly one hundred references to the Comet Rider (or Star Whisperer in several accounts) made by species from various part of the Milky Way Galaxy. In one such account, a trader operating in the Alpha Centuri system spoke of the Star Whisperer, an ancient being who was able to speak to stars and helped establish trade routes for the earliest pioneers and colonists from his home star system. In another, a pirate-turned-intergalactic-refugee recalled an entity called alternately the Comet Rider or the Daybreaker, who wielded the powers of the sun against a rival fleet of space pirates plaguing space-farers traveling through the system Earth astronomers called Wolf 359. One reference made by an Elder Worm mystic from the Epsilon Eridani system described a being known as the Cosmic Wanderer, who traveled through space on a roaring comet, aiding those who were in most need of it. However, no informant knew the current whereabouts of this entity.

The location of the Comet Rider remained a mystery until the “Suns of Goh”, a closely-knit community of artists, performers, and scientists based in a flotilla of over two hundred starships, arrived just outside the Sol system. Although claiming to be an intergalactic orchestra and theatrical troupe, UNTIL sources have confirmed that are in actuality a cult of assassins who are scouring the Milky Way for an entity of great power they call Goh’Jeihd but UNTIL believes is the Comet Rider.

Taking the name of the binary star system and the lone inhabited planet of that star system that once was their home, the Suns of Goh (English: Sanctuary) are descendants of a civilization that was destroyed by a massive asteroid named Jeihd (English: Destroyer) nearly one billion years ago. Information provided to UNTIL describe the original inhabitants of Goh as a technologically-advanced race that was bent on conquest. They had invented technology that could consume the power of entire suns, which they then used to subjugate other species.

Although the bards of the Suns of Goh sing many songs that tell of the tragedy of Jeihd, it was no cataclysmic impact that nearly destroyed their civilization, but the being that was seen riding on Jeihd as it crashed into their world’s capitol and atomized almost a fifth of its land mass. Those lucky enough to have escaped the doomed planet before impact saw the being from space as it emerged unharmed from the massive crater. It was described as being approximately 150cm tall with a long, spiked tail and claws made apparently out of the solar energies of the binary stars themselves. Accounts of the survivors that have since been woven into their songs recount how the being then took to space and annihilated their once-mighty fleet and star-eating technology.

Paradoxically, despite the inconceivable loss of life not only amongst the military but of unarmed civilians, while Goh’Jeidh remained in orbit around their ravaged planet, it began to rapidly heal its grievous injuries and both flora and fauna were being replenished at an unnatural rate. However, Goh’Jeidh would not allow the survivors to return to the rejuvenated planet and each attempt to do so was met with such staggering force that, of the thousands of ships that had initially escaped the collision, only two-hundred and twenty-three remained. The rag-tag flotilla had no choice but to leave the system forever in search of a new home. Yet, whenever they found a suitable planet, Goh’Jeidh would appear flying on a falling asteroid that would destroy their settlements. This cycle continued for untold millennia until other space-faring races would not even allow them passage through their space for fear of the curse of Goh’Jeidh being visited on them. Doomed never feel soil beneath their feet ever again, the race that would become known as the Sons of Goh became filled with hatred for the being that had decimated their culture. Many times over the years, the Sons of Goh had captured him, studied him, and had nearly killed him but he would always escape when their flotilla passed too closely to a distant sun.

The generations-long hunt for Goh’Jeihd, the Comet Rider, finally led the flotilla to the Sol System. The leader of the Sons of Goh, the Astrologist, appraised the leaders of Earth from deep space of the existence of their flotilla and informed them of their peaceful intentions. UNTIL Command theorizes that this is prelude to an invasion by the Sons of Goh or a ruse to flush out the Comet Rider so that they might have an opportunity to destroy him.  Regardless, an UNTIL long-range sentry satellite recently detected a small meteorite that entered the Sol system at a velocity approaching light speed. The meteorite slowed when approaching Earth and a Russian spy satellite captured an image of a creature meditating peacefully on its surface. The meteorite crashed to Earth outside Millennium City with no loss of life. In fact, there was no sign that an impact had occurred.

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