Security Breach

The Shroud circumvents Squadron security. Is this the first salvo of a war between the Squadrons Supreme and Sinister?




Subject: Security Breach

I regret to inform you that the Shroud has somehow breached our firewall and gained access to our e-mail system.

Several messages were sent to individual e-mail accounts but I have been unable to trace the destination addresses. The backdoor the Shroud used to penetrate our system has been closed. However, I fear that she has not only tried to recruit our own members into her Squadron Sinister but has also begun a systematic assault of our electronic defences as a prelude to attack.

Acting leader Arcana has been informed of the incident and has requested that I inform the membership of same. Below is the intercepted transmission.

I’ve been following your career with great interest. I’ve been quite impressed at how you’ve handled yourself. It came as quite a surprise that you joined the Squadron Supreme. I thought you were smarter than that.

I thought you had goals for yourself. Ambitions. Guess I was wrong.

Do you honestly think a bunch of boy scouts and girl guides will help you get what you want in life?

My new crew, the Squadron Sinister, is where you’ll make a name for yourself. We’re dedicated to taking what we want and taking down whoever gets in our way. Sounds interesting?

I’ve taken the liberty of leaving a comm badge for you. It’s in the back pocket of your favourite jeans. Get in touch with me if you come to your senses.

If not, stay out of our way. You WILL regret it.

This ends the current message.

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