Cat Calls: Arcana’s Fashion Faux Pas

The resident spell-caster of the Squadron Supreme takes bold new fashion direction


by Cat Grey | Millennium City Mirror

Darkana Photo
Black leather is timeless but the makeup and hair is a complete fail.

Arcana’s the darling of the superhuman set: A gorgeous figure, luxurious hair and a complexion like polished marble.

Sure, she talks kind of funny (personally, I think it’s because of her acting background) but she’s always been ultra-stylish in her public appearances. Her outfit may not leave much to the imagination but with her looks who needs imagination?

So why’s she sporting a decidedly different look?

The stunning sorceress was recently spotted in Vibora Bay and the Millennium City Mirror was able to get an exclusive photo.

Her signature short, white halter and high-heeled boots have been replaced by a sleek, black leather leotard with matching boots. She’s also added a red cape to top off the look I have to call Darkana.

With her looks, she could get away with wearing a potato sack. Almost.

The hair. The makeup. The accessories. They’ve all got to go, sweetie. Your 60s go-go dancer look is retro but it works. Your new Goth vampire look should have stayed buried in the pages of Twilight.


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