AKA Arcana Arcanatis, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 790468

Arcana screenie
Subject in her current costume leading a contingent of her Squadron Dark into combat against a cadre of Elder Worms

Base of Operations: Jerusalem’s Lot, MA. USA; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme (former deputy leader and interim leader); current leader of the Squadron Dark

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good

Abilities: A range of uncategorized magical abilities including energy projection, dimensional travel, probability manipulation and limited weather control

Skills: Occultist specializing in ritual enchantment, and ceremonial conjuration; polyglot with a mastery of Modern and Ancient Greek, Scottish and Irish Gaelic, Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Latin, several dialects of Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Italian, and French

Paraphernalia: The Diadem of Thoth, The Dragon’s Eye Staff and a set of bracers, armbands and necklace collectively known as The Armaments of the Light-Bringer

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Beta

Arcana screenie
Subject responding to distress call from Project: Greenskin in her original outfit during her time as the Deputy Leader of the Squadron Supreme

The daughter of the golden-age sorcerer Doctor Arcane (UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 023146) and Irish-born super-heroine Stonehenge, Arcana Arcanatis wanted nothing to do with her parents’ never-ending battle with eldritch terrors as two of the Earth Realm’s Agents of Light. Even though she had the makings of a mighty magick wielder in her own right, her goal in life was to make it on the big screen until the mystical mystery-man disappeared without a trace and her mother died at unknown hands.

Donning artifacts she had discovered in her father’s Sanctuarium Fortitudinis to augment her already impressive abilities, she called on the Champions to help her locate her father. During a series of adventures the Champions refer to as “The Great Darkness”, Arcana and her comrades discovered that her father’s abductor and her mother’s murderer were one in the same: Hades, Doctor Arcane’s nemesis and ageless Agent of Darkness.

Having fortified his extra-dimensional sanctuary with the mystic might of his old foe, Hades set his intricate scheme to subjugate the inhabitants of the Earth plane in motion. This, however, would prove to be the fatal flaw in his plan as it weakened the wards concealing him from the senses of those attuned to arcane forces. Breaching the walls of Hades’ fortress, Arcana and her compatriots engaged the sinister sorcerer and his army of demons. In a pitched battle of eldritch energy, Arcana defeated Hades and banished him to the shadowy realm referred to in hushed whispers by the occult community as “The Otherside”.

Weakened from his time in captivity, Doctor Arcane died but not before charging Arcana with his duty of protecting the Earth realm from the timeless evil that lurks beyond the perceptions of humanity.

Addendum: After the conflict known as Independence Day, Arcana left the Squadron Supreme and, under unknown circumstances, assumed leadership of the group that was formerly called the Squadron Sinister.

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