The Shroud Leaves Supremes, Founds Sinister!

Squadron on the rocks


by Simon Williams | Toronto Daily Bugle

Monster Island.jpg
A lush, tropical island in the South Pacific populated by Manimals and dinosaurs, Monster Island is definitely NOT for tourists

MILLENNIUM CITY – In news that has rocked the heroic community, homegrown hero and leader of the Squadron Supreme, the Shroud, has not only left the group she helped found but has formed the Squadron Sinister, a group this reported can at best call morally-ambivalent.

Reports coming from sources close to the Squadron claim that the break came after a strike force consisting of the Shroud, Ironsight and Benedict Sage turned back an attempt by VIPER to cement their position on Monster Island. Ironclad of the Champions was on site during the offensive but was unavailable for comment.

It has been suggested that the Shroud and VIPER strongman Ripper, who have fought repeatedly since the hero burst onto the scene a few years ago, have some sort of connection. However, the heroine has declined to comment other than this enigmatic quote after her first battle against him: “Scum like Ripper only exist to bring heartache and shatter families. They are a stain and I’m the cleaner.”

Former Deputy Leader Arcana has taken over leadership of the Squadron Supreme. In her first official press conference, the stunning sorceress declined to comment on the departure of the Shroud but promised that the Squadron will continue to meet any threat to the safety and security of the Earth.

Sources inside UNTIL are skeptical about the magician’s suitability to lead such a diverse fighting force as the Squadron Supreme.

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