The Squadron is Online

The stalwarts of the Squadron Supreme Role-Playing Group leap into action daily in Millennium City and beyond!

The Squadron Supreme from 1998’s Avengers Annual

Welcome to Squadron Talk. The Squadron Supreme and its sister team the Squadron Sinister, operate in Champions Online, a super-hero MMO published by Perfect World Entertainment.

The Squadron Supreme is a team of super-heroes that is based on the premise that “Evil will succeed if good is complacent“. The motto of the Squadron Sinister is “When we’re good, we’re great. When we’re bad, we’re your worst nightmare“.

The Squadrons are primarily aimed at making new friends, sharing our interests and having fun. Our characters are inspired by super-heroes from the 60s to the modern crime-busters of today.

Both groups do light Role Playing. Everyone is encouraged to submit story ideas involving one or even both teams. Members are also encouraged to engage in subplots with other teammates. The sky is limited only by your imagination.

If our groups sound like something you’d like to be a part of, send an in-game message or mail to @apfarmakis for more information or an invitation.

See you out there, heroes!

Champions and all related characters are ™ and © Hero Games, Inc. Champions Online and all related characters are ™ Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. The Squadron Supreme, The Squadron Sinister and all related chatacters are ™ and © Marvel Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.

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