The Future of the Squadron

The burden of leadership falls on Arcana after the Shroud’s departure.




Subject: The Future of the Squadron

My Friends,

As you all know by now, our leader, the Shroud, has left us. Before idle gossip leads to dissension amongst us, I feel I must tell you all why this has happened and what it means to the Squadron Supreme.

The Squadron was informed by our sources in UNTIL that VIPER was to spearhead an assault on Monster Island. The Shroud lead a strike force consisting of Benedict Sage and former VIPER agent Ironsight to end this threat and hopefully cripple VIPER’s operations in the area. During the battle, Ironclad of the Champions was on site and aided in the battle, which the Shroud interpreted as another attempt by the Champions to regulate our activities. Although our teammates successfully routed VIPER, their enforcer, Ripper, escaped.

It was this that was the last straw for the Shroud. Ripper murdered her father, Major Anthony Jones of the Royal Canadian Army, when VIPER assaulted Force Station Steelhead a few years ago. His escape reignited her thirst for revenge. This, coupled with her feeling that the Squadron was not being proactive enough, lead her to leave our ranks and assemble a team of morally-ambivalent superbeings that she calls the Squadron Sinister.

I can take over for the Shroud as leader of the Squadron Supreme but I cannot replace her. She was our senior tactician and a loyal friend. However, I fear that she has become a potentially dangerous foe: my scrying has seen our group in deadly battle with the Squadron Sinister.

May the Lords of Light guide us down the dark path ahead.

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