Squadron, strike!

The Squadron Supreme strikes a pose in 1998’s Avengers – Squadron Supreme Annual

Welcome to Squadron Talk. The Squadron Supreme and its sister teams, the Squadron Academy, the Squadron All-Stars, the Squadron Dark (formerly the Squadron Sinister), the Squadron eXtreme and the Squadron Galactic, operate in Champions Online, a super-hero MMO published by Perfect World Entertainment. You can learn more about the superteams forming the Squadron family here.

The Squadrons are primarily aimed at making new friends and having fun. We engage in role-play regularly but welcome those that are not into role-playing.

All members are encouraged to submit story ideas involving one or even all of the superteams and to engage in subplots with other teammates. Your contributions to the creative life of the Squadron is limited only by your imagination.

Picking a supergroup to join is not an easy decision to make. There are lots of groups to choose from but I think the most important factor must be the people. In that respect, the Squadron is by far one of the best supergroups in Champions Online because our members are simply the friendliest, funniest and most creative people in the community.

If we sound like something you’d like to be a part of, contact the Head of the Squadron @apfarmakis or one of our Field Leaders @CptThunder, @Eternal_Frost, @Lady-Steele, @Opalsky or @Shd0 in-game for more information or an invitation.

See you out there, heroes!

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